The lens is made from Polycarbonate with the best UV stabilizers for many years of that crystal clear look.
The base is coated aluminum for strength and is waterproof rated at IP67.


Available in Dual colors listed below
12 x generation 3,  3 watt high intensity LED's
Super low profile design, sits 3/8" high
10-40 Volts DC, 40 flash patterns
Synchronization, in and out of phase, Cruise mode,
Includes mounting hardware
SAEJ595 Class 1, CA Title 13, IP67


Dual color: Light has two colors that can be controlled by two separate wires and work independently. Unlike a split colored light all six LED's will illuminate either red or all six LED's will illuminate Blue in a red/blue version. Or they will alternate flash between both colors when both wires are selected.

Cruise mode:
a lower output steady burn for cruising with the lights on but not flashing. This is one of the selected flash patterns

Flash patterns include the all new Eight EVP cruise-flash™. A flash pattern that has the light always visible with 5% light output between flashes, an industry first.

Available now
Blue, White
Blue, Amber
Red, Amber
Red, White
Amber, White
What makes the EOS dual color different? Well you can control each color separately or together. How does this work? Let us look at a red/blue dual color E106D to see.
An E106D in red blue has two control wires, the pink wire controls the 6 red LED's in the light. You can change the pattern of the red LED's to a steady burn for cruise or to use as a red light. The red wire controls the 6 blue LED's. Again you can change the pattern of the blue LED's to a steady burn for cruise or to use as a blue light. These two colors can work independently of each other.
For dual color  you simply apply power to both the red and the pink wires and you get over 100 flash patterns that alternate red to blue.
Due to chip manufacturing delays we only have red/blue, blue/white and blue/amber available now with other colors coming in around 4 weeks. Unlike other manufacturers we use a dual color LED chip to achieve this. The chip has 2 x 3 watt colors. This is new technology and we are waiting for the chip manufacturer to make new color combinations available. The 6 extra LED's and memory does add to the cost, but I am sure you will see the benefits.