LED Work Lights & Lightbars
For years Oz4WD has been known for quality and strength in off-road lighting in some of the harshest conditions around the globe. Eight EVP is proud to be the US Distributor for Their rugged LED Lighting range.

Established in 2001, Oz4WD starting reselling Halogen and HID work and driving lights. Over the years the range grew to include Led products. Now the Oz4WD brand is known for some of the best LED work lights and lightbars available on the market. Featuring the Quadreflect ™ 4 way light optimization system, Oz4WD work and driving lights give you the maximum light output from the current drawn.

The Quadreflect™ technology uses a 2 stage reflector and dual optic lens so you can see more with the same light.

Dual reflection and dual refraction

Light is projected further

Wider driving vision in combo and flood configurations

Higher lux at lower power

Great energy efficiency

Auto grade Phillips LED - Excellent heat resistance and less light decay over time

Understanding Quadreflect™ technology

For many years automotive lighting was designed around a halogen or incandescent bulb. The simplicity of these bulbs made light design and optical efficiency very easy. A halogen bulb emits light pretty evenly from a central focused filament radiating out in a 360 degree arc. To optimize the light output was as simple as placing the bulb in the focal point of a parabolic reflector. While this worked great for Incandescent, Halogen and even HID bulbs it was not so good with LED lights.

LED lights are usually a circuit board mounted light source that has unique characteristics in both light output and intensity. LED lights are at best emitting light in a 180 degree arc and depending on the optics this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. LED lights are also susceptible to degradation from exceeding the power applied and thermal degradation from excessive heat. Some manufacturers will apply more power to their LED to make the light bright to mask inefficiencies in their optic design. This will drastically reduce the led life and reliability.

LED Chip
First optic curve for side reflection
Second optic curve for light reflection
2 stage focusing lens that will capture all the stray rays and distribute them in either spot or flood lighting outputs
With Quadreflect technology we use a reflecting cup that utilizes two curves to capture all the normally wasted light and send it into the focusing lens to either distribute it in a flood or spot configuration.
dual optic cup for side reflection
Convex lens to concentrate light and distribute accordingly
lens mount
lens mount
First cup reflector
Second cup reflector
lens collector and focus
wide angle dissipation
design drawings