We would like to take you through the process of bringing a product to market. I hope you will find this enlightening and you will appreciate the quality control steps we go through to make sure the product is reliable and dependable.
The two part mold is made of solid steel and is polished to perfection to give that crystal clear lens look. Here you can see the white grease that it sprayed on the mold while it is stored. This prevents corrosion and pitting on the polished surface. You will also notice our company logo and the SAE approval numbers.
The mold is mounted in the injection molding machine. You may notice the two braded lines on the right. This is heating of the mold to avoid discoloration and fatigue in the polycarbonate.
Originally we used GE™ brand Polycarbonate, since then GE™ has sold this business to Sabic. We use this Polycarbonate because of the excellent UV stabilizers and consistency of the product. While this product can be a lot more expensive than some of the cheap plastics out there, the finished product is always of the highest standard.
This is the two halves of the mold together while the molten polycarbonate is injected in.
Unlike a lot of mass produced plastics, all our lens have to be removed from the mold by hand. Most plastics use mechanical fingers to eject the product from the mold. Because we cannot afford the slight marks these mechanical fingers make on the lens we manually remove every one.
Finished lens