We would like to take you through the process of bringing a product to market. I hope you will find this enlightening and you will appreciate the quality control steps we go through to make sure the product is reliable and dependable.
Initial ideas or drawings are brought to life in 3D. The 3D software enables us to plot the circuit board, to make sure all the components fit and work, simulate thermal distribution and help us design heat sinks to suit the application. Another software program allows us to simulate the light output, direction and intensity. This is used to design lens that will meet or exceed both SAE used in the USA as well as the much tougher European standard.  
Once the design is signed off the circuit boards are printed. Here you see the raw circuit board ready to have the components mounted
The components come on reels, Eight EVP buys in each reel from the manufacturer and will never substitute for an inferior cheaper product.
Here you see the components being mounted ready for solder.
Now that all the components are mounted the circuit board is put through an oven to solder the joints.
Every circuit board is then run though a scanner to check every joint is soldered correctly and every component is in the right position.
If their is an area that brings up an error it can be magnified to see the problem.
Completed circuit boards